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 Welcome to The Salon, a Mystery School I founded ten years ago for sharing a wide spectrum of relevant information to enrich your life. The Salon is an interactive forum because it reflects what you’ve told me are your most pressing problems, areas of interest, and questions. I designed The Salon to be a spiritual think-tank to address your ever-evolving needs as you pursue your authentic self.

As an on-going resource for practical spiritual direction, The Salon introduces you to innovative strategies to navigate a rapidly-changing world. Each issue is devoted to One Universal Truth and how it can manifest a significant difference in your life and promote healing on all levels.

I like to think of The Salon as a laboratory for my current research, with original insights that eventually find their way into future books, workshops, and programs. If you want to understand where we are in our spiritual consciousness and where we’re headed, then please join me in this exciting venture. And membership in The Salon brings you bonus audio and video programs along with free access to an extensive library spanning ten years of previous Salon Newsletters!

Here’s a sampling of previous Salon topics:

* Five Rules for Staying in Present Time
* You as Intuitive, Mystic, and Healer
* Mystical Insights into The Experience of Healing
* The Seven Ways We Sabotage our Enlightenment and Why
* Strategies for Managing Guidance Overload
* What Do You Do When You Don't Want to Listen to Your Intuition?
* Wisdom on the Subject of Prayer
* Channeling Grace
* What to do When You Don't Know What to Do Next
* Becoming Your own Spiritual Director
* A Check List for the Most Popular Spells People Are Under
* Spiritual Ambition: The Madness of The New Age

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You can become a member by clicking the 'Join' link below. The subscription price of $35.00 includes ten issues of The Salon. Caroline also shares bonus audio and video programs of recent lectures and workshops as a gift to subscribers. And of course, membership brings you unlimited access to The Salon Library, featuring a decade of Newsletters. Before completing your purchase we recommend that you read through our Conditions of Sale at the bottom of this page.

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The Salon Honor Code

As The Salon is a Mystery School in which we share new research and input from your personal lives, I would like to ask that we maintain an honor code in which we do not email The Salon to personal friends or associates.

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