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An Invitation
Do you know what makes you feel alive? What inspires you to dance and sing and shout out with joy? Would you like to feel those things so deeply in your core that your very cells thump to the rhythm of your vibrant existence?

Your archetypes are the guides on this path of realization—twelve lifelong companions that show you the pitfalls and the greatness along the road to deep inner joy. In understanding them, you gain a perspective that stokes your creative fire, enlivens your relationships, increases your vitality, and deepens your spirituality. Through bodywork, you can come to know them more intimately, understanding the sensate clues that indicate which archetype is currently in charge and how to shift to another one with a breath. I invite you to learn your archetypal map with more than just your mind. Experience it in your body, through your emotions and in the ecstasy of living, breathing and being.

I’m a certified archetypal consultant through the Caroline Myss Educational Institute, and continue to study with her on a regular basis. I’m also a Certified Massage Therapist from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy and was delighted to be named “The Man with the Golden Touch” in the Rocky Mountain News, Oct. 2005. I look forward to hearing from you.

Ephraim Mallery
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